The nursing staff presents itself

Nursing plays a very special role in our clinic. Our competent nurses use the latest equipment for the treatment and care of our patients. We are proud to have an above average number of co-workers in our team with long years of experience.

With the presence of well trained nurses and aides around the clock, we guarantee you the best possible care at all times.

The basis of all our activities is our concept of nursing and the leading mission of the Inselspital as well as the guidelines of the various nursing units. Friendliness, dignity, respect and mutual trust define our actions in the day-to-day care.

It is important to us that the individual needs of the patients and their relatives and companions are taken into consideration.

The manner, effectiveness and purpose of the nursing procedures are explained to the patients and their relatives to enable them to actively take part in the decisions.

When you enter the clinic, we will conduct an admission discussion with you, so that we can appreciate your special needs and plan your care accordingly.

The care will be adapted daily to suit the course of disease and current situation.


We work in three shifts:

  • Day shift: 06:45 - 16:06 o'clock
  • Late shift: 15:00 - 23:06 o'clock
  • Night shift: 22:25 - 07:00 o'clock

When the late shift takes over, the nurses will come to see you between 15:15 and 15:45 for a short visit. Use this opportunity to communicate your wishes, needs and goals for the afternoon and evening.


Mealtimes are as follows:

  • Breakfast 7:45
  • Lunch 11:45
  • Dinner 17:45

The Inselspital gastronomy team offers you a wide selection of special menus - just tell us your desires.


Almost every room is equipped with a toilet and shower. The wardrooms are equipped for three patients.

Television sets are at your disposal in most rooms. Please consider that their use might disturb your fellow patients.


What to bring along

  • Toilet articles
  • Housecoat
  • Pyjama, night gown
  • House shoes (preferably slippers)
  • Books, magazines (There is also a library at the clinic)
  • Eventually, a CD player with headphones and CDs

We recommend not to bring jewelry or large sums of money as we cannot accept responsibility for such items.

Before your hospitalization you will receive a brochure with further information.