Adrenal Gland

Tumors of the adrenal gland:

  • Laparoscopic or retroperitoneoscopic adrenalectomy (total / partial)
  • Open adrenalectomy

Hormoninactive tumors of the adrenal gland:

Most solid tumors of the adrenal gland which are greater than 3 cm, regardless of whether they produce hormone or not (to rule out malignancy) should be removed.

Hormonactive tumors of the adrenal gland:

Tumors of the adrenal cortex which overproduce hormones and often are responsible for high blood pressure and therefore should be removed. Tumors of the adrenal medulla which overproduce adrenaline are called pheochromocytoma. Pheochromocytomas can cause headaches, increased heart rate, excessive sweating and hypertension (high blood pressure). Although 90 percent of pheochromocytomas are benign, surgery is generally necessary to protect against life-threarening side effects such as severe hypertension.