Urology Research Laboratory

Prof. Dr. med. George Thalmann 

  • Prostate cancer progression and bone metastasis
  • Therapy of solid urological tumors and bone metastasis
  • PSA regulation
  • BCG therapy of superficial bladder cancer (IL-8, SAKK 06/98)
  • Molecular markers in bladder cancer (p53, NMP22)
  • Microwave therapy of BPH 

Prof. Dr. George Thalmann and PD Dr. Marianna Kruithof de Julio 

  • "Osteomimetic peptides in prostate cancer progression and metastasis" Grant des Schweizerischen Nationalfonds
  • "From bench to bedside - prevention, detection and treatment of micrometastasis" Grant der Bernischen Krebsliga
  • "Identification of molecular mechanisms underlying prostate cancer progression and metastasis" Grant der Novartis Foundation
  • "Markers and gene regulation of prostate cancer progression" Grant des Schweizerischen Nationalfonds 



Prof. Dr. med. Fiona Burkhard

Urology Research Laboratory functional urology
Prof. Dr. med. Fiona Burkhard und Prof. Dr. Katia Monastyrskaya 



Prof. Dr. med. Roland Seiler-Blarer   

Personalized models for the investigation of tumor biology

  • Patient derived 3D-organoids 
  • Ex vivo tumor cultures
  • Cellular subtyping of living cells
  • Single cell DNA and RNA profiling

Computer-based models for the genetic classification of carcinomas

  • Influence on tumor classification dependent on treatments
  • Grading of the influence by the tumor environment
  • Grouping of tumors as a function of immune infiltration and -signalling
  • Determination of tumor biology as a function of environmental factors

Identification and prediction of therapeutic Targets

  • Analysis of the molecular landscape (different data types)
  • Identification of therapeutic targets
  • Prioritization of targets in individual carcinoma/patients

Coordinator of the uro-oncology and prostatecenter

  • Principle Investigator of several clinical trials in bladder cancer
  • Compiling of the portfolio of clinical bladder cancer trials