Prof. Dr. med. George Thalmann

  • Prostate cancer progression and bone metastasis
  • Therapy of solid urological tumors and bone metastasis
  • PSA regulation
  • BCG therapy of superficial bladder cancer (IL-8, SAKK 06/98)
  • Molecular markers in bladder cancer (p53, NMP22)
  • Microwave therapy of BPH


Prof. Dr. med. Fiona Burkhard

Urology Research Laboratory functional urology
Prof. Dr. med. Fiona Burkhard und Prof. Dr. Katia Monastyrskaya 

Forschungsgelder laufen:

1.) Schweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Unterstützung wissenschaftlicher
      Forschung (SNF) 2015-2018
      of RNA expression in obstructive and neurogenic bladder
      dysfunction reveal common signalling pathways relevant for disease 
      progression and recovery. 
      (Molekularbiologische Veränderung bei Blöasenfunktionsstörung)    

Velux Stiftung 2015-2018:

2.)  Diacnostic and therapeutic potentel of micro RNAs for bladder outlet 
      obstruction-induced changes in bladder function in elderly men. 


Urology Research Laboratory:

Prof. Dr. George Thalmann and PD Dr. Marianna Kruithof de Julio 

  • "Osteomimetic peptides in prostate cancer progression and metastasis" Grant des Schweizerischen Nationalfonds
  • "From bench to bedside - prevention, detection and treatment of micrometastasis" Grant der Bernischen Krebsliga
  • "Identification of molecular mechanisms underlying prostate cancer progression and metastasis" Grant der Novartis Foundation
  • "Markers and gene regulation of prostate cancer progression" Grant des Schweizerischen Nationalfonds 


PD Dr. Roland Seiler-Blarer

Personalized models for the investigation of tumor biology

  • Patient derived 3D-organoids 
  • Ex vivo tumor cultures
  • Cellular subtyping of living cells
  • Single cell DNA and RNA profiling

Computer-based models for the genetic classification of carcinomas

  • Influence on tumor classification dependent on treatments
  • Grading of the influence by the tumor environment
  • Grouping of tumors as a function of immune infiltration and -signalling
  • Determination of tumor biology as a function of environmental factors

Identification and prediction of therapeutic Targets

  • Analysis of the molecular landscape (different data types)
  • Identification of therapeutic targets
  • Prioritization of targets in individual carcinoma/patients

Coordinator of the uro-oncology and prostatecenter

  • Principle Investigator of several clinical trials in bladder cancer
  • Compiling of the portfolio of clinical bladder cancer trials

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